Photo Story: End Of Days

End of Days Nikon D810 - Nikkor PC-E 24 f/3.5D ED

End of Days
Nikon D810 - Nikkor PC-E 24 f/3.5D ED

This image was taken during my last afternoon out solo during Ming's last workshop in Lisbon. I was growing increasingly frustrated that week: I could not get an image which would satisfy me; I felt I was being really short of my own capabilities. That added to the lessons learned during that week (which I tried to apply in every case) made me be short on valuable results. This was the last image of the last day I went out solo; it was taken just around the corner where the hotel is. I have seen the facade of that building but every time I passed by I failed to have appropiate lightning conditions. That afternoon wasn't the case, so I got the right angle, right exposure and made some test shots. Everything turned better when coming from my right, I saw a random person running up the street so I waited until he was in the right moment and I triggered the shutter.
The random nature of the last event, that added to "the rule of the added unusual feature" represented by the standing facade with no building, gave a whole new meaning and interpretation to the final image, as well giving me the hint that we can plan a photograph as much as we can, but we have to welcome the invaluable role that the unexpected can have in our final product.