A warm welcome to everybody to my website/blog/space to rant for free!

I'm sure that the reason you ended up here fill in one of the following options:

1) You are a friend/relative/my boss trying to get an excuse to fire me/ex-girlfriend trying to murder me: in that case, thank you for visiting, for not getting annoyed by me insisting to visiting here. And please, come back soon!

2) You ended up here by blunt chance: If that happened, I'm lucky as I'm the laziest person on earth to spend time trying to do networking and promote my website online; a thing that I will definitely have to change if I want to have somebody following me. So, again, come back soon!

3) I appeared in your dreams and told you to seek enlightenment in my website: man, if that is the case you had a nightmare and not a dream,you surely got scammed by my ethereal appearance in your dream ensuring trascendental knowledge. But again, come back!

Jokes apart, I will try to be the least conventional in this blog. That means I will do gear reviews, talk about me, myself as well as I and... wait, that is not original? Darn it. 

(Trying to take this seriously, "Take 2")

I WILL do gear reviews (very practical and not going too much in specifications non-sense), I will talk about my own experience as I try to become a professional photographer (I'll cover what it means for me later on), as well as reviewing books and (something I haven't seen much) talk about the photographers that are an inspiration to me. The idea is at least to upload articles twice a week, have interviews as well with some photographers as well and have a friend and colleague of mine, Nemanja Rakic, to write from time to time as a collaborator. (Check his website: http://www.aeongaiden.com/ )

Said that, I really expect you enjoy the website, its contents and please, be patient as I still have a sh*tload of work to do regarding uploading pics and polishing the interface.

See you soon!